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My name is Audrey Wilson and I have been a civilian employee in law enforcement for over 10 years. I have known Bob for all of those 10 years. I dispatched to Bob for 7 and he has always been one of my favorite officers to work with. He has always been great as a co-worker but more importantly, he is great with anyone in the community he meets or deals with. I was always confident when sending Bob to a call that it would be handled the way it should be.


In the 7 years that I dispatched, I was employed under the Cass County Sheriff's Office. Bob's plan for "New Leadership, New Direction" is exactly what the entire Sheriff's Office needs. They need a leader who actually cares about their employees outside of them being a warm body filling a position. They need to rid the command staff of the "This is how we've always done it" attitude and be brought into this century. They need a team player. They need a leader who they can go to with their problems or criticisms without the worry of getting fired. No more good ol' boys.


It will be a tough overhaul but Bob can get it done and that's why he has my (and my family's) vote.

Audrey Wilson

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