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My name is Shannon Brown.  I worked as a certified deputy for the Cass County Sheriff’s Office from 2007-2016.  I endorse Robert Sorenson for Cass County Sheriff and this is why:

During my tenure, I was worked in the jail, in courtroom security, and on road patrol.  In those roles I was able to experience “leadership” in all of those divisions; to say it was ineffectual and lacking is generous.  I am no longer in Law Enforcement so I am able to speak more freely and openly than others are able to without concern of jeopardizing my career.  To understand why Robert Sorenson is the leadership Cass County needs, you must first understand why the current administration is problematic.

I am not the only former employee that will tell you the highest ranks of the Sheriff’s Office are primarily concerned with their image and maintaining power, not in serving Cass County and its residents.  There is a very toxic “good ol’ boys club” culture that pervades the Sheriff’s Office and any employee who pushes back or speaks out on that culture is retaliated against with a hostile work environment.  The current administration does not want (or encourage) new ideas or technology, they want to do things their way like they have always done.  There is a reason the turnover rate is so high.  In my (just shy of) 10 years at the Sheriff’s Office a few co-workers and I kept a list and recorded over 76 employees who had quit or moved on to other agencies.  We joked that the Sheriff’s Office slogan should be “Training Metro area Law Enforcement since 1985.”  A handful of those Deputies who moved on to other agencies actually paid THOUSANDS of dollars to buy out their 2–year contract.  I think that speaks for itself.  It is a TOXIC environment for anyone who is competent (because those are the kind that move on to another agency) or who has fresh ideas, or who has the guts and the integrity to speak about the things the public doesn’t see.

Robert Sorenson is a true gentleman.  He is kind, he is fair, and he is a true servant.  In addition to serving the citizens of Cass County as a Plattsmouth Police Officer, Robert is also a volunteer Firefighter for the City of Nehawka and participates in a range of community service activities.  I have never met somebody who is so dedicated to their community and its betterment than Robert.  He was always there for me (and many others) with not only a listening ear and calming presence, but he was also a tremendous resource with his years of experience.  He was always available to offer another perspective, to lend a helping hand, and to lead by example.  Robert understands that as the world changes, and as the role, the demand, and the relationship of Law Enforcement in/with their community changes, the Sheriff’s Office must evolve to meet that need.

Robert has the heart, the mind, the guts, the willingness, and the integrity to lead the Sheriff’s Office to greatness.  If you want an agency that is ill-respected  in the Law Enforcement community, that spends your money constantly hiring new employees (rather than treat the ones they have with dignity, trust, and respect) and has not shown any significant advancement in the last 30 years, then vote for the guy who has been part of that for the last 30 years... but  if you want an administration that will be transparent with the community while also recruiting and maintaining the highest quality of employees and giving them the proper tools and resources to properly serve that community then VOTE ROBERT SORENSON FOR SHERIFF!!  Cass County needs change, not more of the same.

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