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New Leadership. New Direction. For the People of Cass County.



Thank you for visiting the Robert Sorenson for Cass County Sheriff campaign website.  Robert, a Cass County resident for over 30 years, has a history of being an active member in our community.   He is a current member of the Village of Nehawka Board of Trustees; is a volunteer firefighter for the Nehawka Volunteer Fire Department and has held several offices; is a Mentor in the Teammates program for kids; is a board member for the Lions Club; and is a Plattsmouth City Police Officer.  Robert married the love of his life, Tabatha, in 2007 and they have three amazing children; Annabelle, Lauren, and Bobby.   

Robert studied Criminal Justice and Security Management at Metropolitan Community College and Bellevue University.  Robert has since earned numerous law enforcement certifications including his Nebraska Law Enforcement Certification, Field Training Officer, Instructor Development and Use of Force Instructor in firearms, defensive tactics and intermediate weapons.  Robert started his law enforcement career in 2003 at the Cass County Sheriff's Office. He started as a corrections officer and successfully worked to become a certified deputy that was respected by his peers and supervisors.  In 2007 Robert moved from the Cass County Sheriff’s Office to continue his work in law enforcement as a Plattsmouth Police officer. Today Robert is an active, decorated, and highly trained law enforcement officer. 


The Office of Sheriff is a very unique position in that it acts as the intermediary between the citizens of Cass County and the law enforcement personnel who protect and serve our community. The Sheriff is an official, elected by citizens, to be the leader of the law enforcement agency that protects us.

Robert Sorenson is committed to a New Direction and New Leadership for our community.  Robert looks forward to leading the men and women of the Cass County Sheriff’s Department into a new era of law enforcement service, deserving of the fine citizens of Cass County.  Your safety, and the safety of our children, are a top priority. This journey will not be possible without your help and support.

Vote Robert Sorenson Cass County Sheriff 2022



Join the campaign any way you choose.

Display or distribute yard signs, host an event, walk in a parade, recruit voters.

Or bring us your own ideas about how you can help.



Follow our social media sites for all updates or request a one time call to learn more. 


Proudly display Robert Sorenson For Cass County Sheriff 2022 signs on your property.  Signs will be distributed at a later time, but sign up today to be first on the list.  

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