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To: Voters and citizens of Cass County,


I would like to publicaly endorse and recognize a candidate that Cass County voters will see on their ballot of in the upcoming election. Robert Sorenson is without of doubt the best suited to be the next Cass County Sheriff.

I worked for Cass County Corrections for a short period of time back in 2003. It was in this time that I had the privilege of meeting and getting to work with Robert. Since that time Robert has remained a good friend, and trusted law enforcement Officer. For almost 20 years I have watched Robert become a highly trained and experienced Police Officer, a community leader on his local city board, and fire department, as well as volunteer in other community roles such as Teammates mentoring. I've also watched Robert become a committed husband and father. I can say without a doubt that despite all of Robert's qualifications in law enforcement that his honesty, integrity, and commitment to others are what makes him the best candidate for Sheriff.

In almost 20 years of police work I have had the opportunity to work with several supervisors, and numerous officers, and for several different agencies. In that time I have not met an officer I enjoyed working with or trusted as much as Robert. I also haven't had a supervisor that I would rather work for more than Robert in a supervisory role. Cass County would see a large increase in deputy retention under Robert’s leadership.

Since I advanced into a Chief of Police role a few years ago I have discussed management and supervision topics with Robert, and he has discussed his vision and goals for the Cass County Sheriff's Office, and its management going forward. From my time in Cass County I can confidently say that I believe with new leadership and a change in administration that Cass County could be one of the top agencies in the state to work for. Cass County would also become an even better place to live, work, or raise a family.


Beemer Police Chief Jeremy A. Goeken

and Reserve Deputy Stanton County Sheriff's Office

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