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Dear citizens off Cass County,

My name is Ryan Murphy I was a Deputy for Cass County for 3 years. After I left the Marine Corps I decided to continue my service here at home and in the county that I lived. While I was employed I was very passionate about making arrests on drunk drivers and drug dealers. Under the current administration everything was hindered to the point that it made this type of enforcement very difficult. The current administration was content on only responding to calls for service but felt a 40 minute response time was adequate. Under the current administration I could not agree with taking a backseat to serving the community and moved onto an agency that prioritizes keeping its citizens safe and providing adequate service. While at CCSO Robert taught me many valuable lessons about law enforcement and community service. He is truly a leader and will elevate CCSO to the premier agency it should be! I Proudly support Robert Sorenson for your next Sheriff of Cass County.


Ryan Murphy


2019- Present

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