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I endorse Robert Sorenson as the candidate for sheriff for Cass County.  I’ve know Robert since middle school but got to know him better in high school. One of the things I remember best about Robert is that he was a friend to all.


Robert has always been proud of his hometown and county.  As a teacher at the high school I see him in our building often working with students as a Teammate. He has such a positive attitude that our students love him. 


He is very dedicated to his family and community. Robert and I are members of the Plattsmouth Lions Clubs together.  He is always willing to volunteer and give back to the community.


Robert has been a great friend and I know that good things will come to Cass County with his leadership.  It is time for our county to move in a new direction with new positive, young leadership. I would be proud to have Robert Sorenson as Cass County Sheriff.

Jana (Olson) Shuey, PHS class of 2001, Teacher at Plattsmouth High School

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