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Dear Cass County Nebraska Residents
Hello my name is Wesley J. Harrah and I am a certified law enforcement officer for the State of Nebraska and currently employed as a Police Officer for the Omaha Airport Authority at Eppley Airfield in Omaha, Nebraska. For many of you in Cass County you may remember me as being Deputy Harrah #9204 as I had served and protected each and every one of you for over 18 years. However, an opportunity had come up with the Omaha Airport Authority that could not be passed up and it benefitted my family and I greatly.

My law enforcement career started over 24 years ago with the Otoe County Sheriff’s as a Corrections and a Deputy Sheriff and also working part-time as a Corrections Officer for the Cass County Sheriff’s Office as well. I then took a position with the Sarpy County Sheriff’s as a Deputy Sheriff and worked there briefly for one year before returning to the Cass County Sheriff’s Office in 2001 as a Deputy
Sheriff where I served you in the investigation of several offenses relating to robberies, burglaries, thefts, criminal mischief, fraud, death investigations, sexual assault investigations, the distribution and possession of controlled substances, drug diversion, traffic enforcement, and the reconstruction and investigation of vehicle accidents.

During my career and time in law enforcement I have been fortunate enough to have had the pleasure to work with a lot of great people and law enforcement officers from various departments both on the personal and professional levels from all over the State of Nebraska.

I am writing you this letter of recommendation and support for Robert Sorenson in his pursuit and quest to become the next Sheriff in Cass County, Nebraska. I have personally and professionally known Robert for over 20 years as he graduated from the Plattsmouth High School in 2001 and later in 2003 he was hired on with the Cass County Sheriff’s Office and served as a Corrections Officer and a Deputy Sheriff. During his time at Cass County I had the privilege to assist in his field training in becoming a law enforcement officer. With Robert I seen a lot of myself in him through his honor, integrity, work ethic, hard work, determination, and dedication to always protect and serve the communities and people of Cass County. Robert never took a day off, always striving to do what was right and making sure to exhaust all means in making sure justice was served and the people stayed safe and protected. In 2007 Robert accepted a Police Officer position with the Plattsmouth Police Department. Despite this move, it still allowed me the chance and opportunity to still be able to work with Robert on an everyday basis and serve the citizens of Cass County.

I can personally say that Robert made me a better person and law enforcement officer due to his preparation and hard work. Robert has always stood for being dedicated and willing to put forth the countless amount of time and effort needed to ensure that all the rights of any and all citizens, victims, and suspects are met and the right decision is honest and fair based on all the facts while representing and upholding the laws of this State and the Constitution of the United States while serving the citizens of Cass County, Nebraska. Robert has always supported fellow officers in always doing what is right and ensuring that officers stay up to date in their training and gaining experience. Because of Robert Sorenson’s hard work, ethics, leadership, and integrity, I believe that he would be a perfect fit to serve as the next Sheriff for Cass County, Nebraska as he possesses all the qualities, experience, and skills needed to benefit the Sheriff’s Office and better serve the citizens of Cass County.


Wesley J. Harrah

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