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To The Citizens of Cass County, Nebraska,

It is my pleasure to strongly recommended Robert Sorenson for the position of Sheriff of Cass County,

My name is Andrew Wake, I am a Sergeant and Canine Handler with the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office, in Iowa. I have been in law enforcement for 13 years, starting in 2008 with the Cass County Sheriff’s Office. Through my years of experience working with hundreds of law enforcement officers in both Nebraska and Iowa, one name stands out as the right person to lead the Cass County Sheriff’s Office into the future, Robert Sorenson.

When I first started my career, Robert Sorenson was one of those people who took time out of his day
to mentor not only me, but other deputies on how to be a public servant. Through his daily interaction
with the public, Robert Sorenson showed the importance of being part of the community and the
importance of community involvement and input on law enforcement.

During my time as a Cass County Deputy, I saw firsthand the disconnect that existed between the
Sheriff’s Office and the community it served. Growing up in a small town, I knew the importance of both knowing and trusting the local law enforcement who served us. I believe Robert Sorenson can help build those bridges of community trust and build the Cass County Sheriff’s Office to its fullest potential. Robert Sorenson has the leadership skills necessary to stop the loss of talented deputies to other departments and harness those skills to provide the best public safety possible for the citizens of Cass County.

In his career and in his personal life, Robert has set the standard on what a law enforcement officer anda leader should be.


Sergeant Andrew Wake
Fremont County Sheriff’s Office
Cass County Deputy (2008-2011)

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