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I worked for the Cass County Sheriff’s Office from May 2018 until June of 2020.

When working at the Cass County Sheriff’s Office as a road deputy it was apparent that there was a disconnect in leadership from road deputies/road Sergeants to the lieutenant and above. It was clear that the deputies working the road had been questioned and criticized rather then supported by upper administration which made the position as a road deputy/sergeant a difficult one. This disconnect and lack of support lead me to look to other agencies even though I enjoyed working with the citizens of Cass County, which is where I grew up.

Additionally, I was able to work side by side with Robert Sorensen and I have complete confidence in him as a law enforcement officer and believe his real life experience would allow him to relate to deputies if he were to become the Sheriff of Cass County. I would consider returning to Cass County as a Deputy Sheriff if Robert Sorensen were to become Sheriff but would not consider returning if the current administration were to stay in place.

Bo Liekhus

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