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I just wanted to send a quick message to show my support for Robert Sorenson during his race to become the next Sheriff in Cass County, NE. I started my law enforcement career at the Cass County Sheriff's Office in late 2007. I served two year there and while working for the Sheriff's Department, I had the pleasure of working with many Plattsmouth Police Officers. One of my favorite officers was Robert Sorenson. He was always so positive and went out of his way to ask me how my day was going. He seemed to genuinely care about my well being. 


While working for the Cass County Sheriff's Department, I worked in several different positions.  While being assigned to road patrol there were many occasions when I was covering the entire county by myself. This was very dangerous considering many calls required a two deputy response. Officers with Plattsmouth, including Ofc. Sorenson, never hesitated to offer their assistance. This helped me feel better especially since we didn't have tasers or rifles when I worked there. Ultimately I left the Sheriff's Office because I felt the department was never going to progress and would be stuck in past. Law Enforcement was evolving and I wasn't seeing the changes in the Sheriff's Office. When I did resign I went to pay my respect to the current Sheriff and was shocked to learn he didn't even know who I was after two years of service and being assigned to many different positions. I feel that was a sign that I made the right decision. 


I believe Sorenson is the right candidate for Cass County Sheriff because he is hard working, progressive, kind, and believes in the service of others.  


Thank you,


Ofc. Dana Miller (LVPD)

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