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February 28, 2022, Weeping Water, Cass County, NE —- As Robert Sorenson actively forges ahead with his campaign to be elected as Cass County Sheriff he continues to grow support from more Cass County leaders. Weeping Water Mayor Michael Barrett is the most recent leader to announce his public support for Robert Sorenson for sheriff.  


Mayor Barrett is a long standing staple in the Weeping Water community. He served the Weeping Water School system for more than 35 years in whatever capacity best served the community. He earned a reputation as someone who prided himself in supporting and encouraging our next generation.  


Barrett has extended his service to the community as Mayor of Weeping Water since 2014. Mayor Barrett has continued to help develop and improve Weeping Water and Cass County.


Mayor Barrett stated Robert Sorenson had the full support of the board. Mayor Barrett recognizes the positive changes Robert Sorenson can bring to the Cass County Sheriff's Office and its communities. 

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