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My name is Dave Murdoch.  I've dedicated most of my life to serving my community as a military veteran, volunteer firefighter, and law enforcement officer.   


I first met Robert "Bob" Sorenson when he was in grade school. When Bob was in 5th grade I taught him in the D.A.R.E. program. Years later he started his law enforcement career in 2003.  Over the next 18 years I have been able to work with him while he was a deputy and then a police officer. I was lucky to work with Bob and even had the chance to supervise him before I retired as the Captain of the Plattsmouth Police Department.

One of my favorite things about Bob is he has also dedicated most of his life to service in his community.  I have always known Bob to volunteer and do more than what is expected of him.  Bob is great at building other people up and helping them to be their best.  

My experiences have taught me to recognize and appreciate genuine leaders.  Bob understands leadership is an action, not a position.  I support Robert Sorenson for Cass County Sheriff and there is not any other person in Cass County who could do the job better.  

Thank you,

Dave Murdoch

Captain *Retired*
Plattsmouth Police Dept.

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