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My name is Justin Williamson and I have been a law enforcement officer since 2001.  I began my career working for the Cass County Sheriffs Office until April of 2009.  During my time at Cass County I served in the role of deputy and Road Patrol Sgt.  


I met Robert Sorensen when he began his career with Cass County.  Robert Sorensen was always ready to learn and grew as an officer and a person.  He is respected by his peers and is always willing to help.   Throughout the years, you could see Robert Sorenson’s knowledge grow.  Robert Sorensen was always dependable and capable of doing the job and doing it well.  


When I heard Robert Sorensen was running for Sheriff I was excited for the men and women of the department.  The job has changed over the years.   Robert Sorensen has been an officer on the streets and witnessing these changes.  Robert’s attitude, willingness to learn, and appreciation for the people are all values I believe will make him a successful candidate for the job of Cass County Sheriff.  I believe Robert will help grow the department and make the citizens of Cass County proud of their Law Enforcement partners.  


Justin Williamson 

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