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I endorse Robert Sorenson as the candidate for sheriff for Cass County. I’ve known Robert for over 30+ years, being fortunate enough to experience his development as a community leader. The more you get to know about Robert, the more you will hear reoccurring themes of being a person of commitment, integrity, and dedication. Growing up as neighbors, Robert was like a bigger brother, role-modeling ways to navigate through challenging situations and identifying practical solutions to situations I found myself in. Robert not only demonstrated leadership and maturity at a young age, he showed interest in doing more for our community in which we lived in. This evolved over time, transitioning into his career choice of entering into the criminal justice field. 


Robert’s dedication to serve our community we grew up in has been radiant. His resume of volunteering and giving back to his community speaks to his commitment to lifting up those around him. Having a shared passion to helping others, Robert has continued to develop a strong professional network to enhance his knowledge/skill set to better serve and lead others. By developing strong, professional relationships, Robert has the resources, ideas, and potential solutions to enhancing the quality of life of any community he’s in. Robert is a person of action and does not shy from seeking solutions to challenging situations. 


Given the latest challenges facing Cass County, I see Robert as being a new leader in change. His ability to build positive relationships among other professionals and community will help him succeed in the role as sheriff. Robert will seek out collaborations to support all communities. Having been raised and living in Cass County all his life, Robert knows the challenges facing residence. Robert will create new training opportunities, enhancing those who serve and protect the community. Robert will utilize his resources to build solutions that will serve all. Robert is the candidate who will best lead in the efforts to keep the community I grew up in, the community my family and friends still reside in, and the community I continue to enjoy visiting.


Ian Charnley – Lifetime friend of 30+ yrs., Human Services/Mental Health Therapist (8+ yrs.)

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