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Robert Sorenson is a family man. He’s a friend you can count on. 


He has passion, vision, and drive. He has an infectious smile. Above all, he is a humble and caring man. In stark contrast to a growing world of instant credit, entitlement, and social media Robert Sorenson stands out. He stands out because when you meet him it’s clear he does and says the things he does simply because he believes in it. 


As a law enforcement officer, Robert Sorenson is a respected leader within the law enforcement community.  He is respected and appreciated locally by both the "good" and the "bad" guys because he treats everyone the same way he wants to be treated.  


He is hungry for training and information.  He attends training with the purpose of developing anyone who can benefit from the training.  He consistently is in charge of training other officers. Robert Sorenson understands our community is constantly changing and he has the training and experience necessary to be successful now and in the future.    


Robert Sorenson is a humble volunteer.  He has been a member of numerous clubs and organizations for numerous years.  He also volunteers as a fire fighter and a town board member. Most people don't know about his volunteering, simply because he doesn't volunteer to receive credit.  


Robert Sorenson is not a politician.  He is an honest and genuine role model who says what he means and means what he says.  As a former Sgt. of Investigations for the Cass County Sheriff's Department I understand the  overwhelming need for change.  Robert Sorenson is proven leader and he has my full support.   


Matt Watson

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