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As a former Cass County Deputy, I fully support Robert Sorenson’s platform running for the position of the Cass County Sheriff.  I had the opportunity to work with Robert during my time as a deputy and he was nothing short of helpful, supportive, and kind.  Robert is an amazing individual who treats every one he meets with respect.  He is equally a large part of the Cass County community as a Plattsmouth Police Officer/SRO; and although I am not a member of the Plattsmouth/Cass County community, it is apparent from what I’ve seen, the community as a whole looks up to Robert as a leader.  Robert would be the asset the Cass County Sheriff’s Office has needed for some time.  Robert understands the concerns of policing in todays society and would ensure his deputies and support staff have the tools and training that is necessary to instill a sense of peace and protection for the citizens of Cass County, NE.

Kelli Dugger

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