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My name is Steve Sunde.  I am a lifetime conservative Nebraska Republican.  In February of this year, I retired as Deputy Cass County Attorney after prosecuting thousands of criminal cases here over the past 21 years.  During those 21 years, I have known, observed, and worked with each of the Republican candidates for Cass County Sheriff.


I have known Officer Bob Sorenson, currently of the Plattsmouth Police Department, for more than 20 years.   Bob was born and raised here in Cass County.  It is my sincere hope that the voters of Cass County will support Bob as their next County Sheriff.  Based upon my experiences and observations as a prosecutor working closely with all Cass County law enforcement over the past 20 plus years, Bob Sorenson is the best and obvious choice.  Bob is honest, hard-working, intelligent, and knows and respects the Constitution. Bob does not play games at work.  I know in my own personal experience, I could always count on Bob Sorenson to deliver on his promises.  His no nonsense, fair-minded approach to law enforcement is just what Cass County needs moving forward.  


Bob is a very experienced law enforcement officer and he is a natural born leader.  He is very well-liked and well-respected by his peers and superiors alike.  Once elected Sheriff, I know that Bob Sorenson will encourage and promote big improvements in training, teamwork, cooperation, and morale within the entire Sheriff’s Office.  Bob understands that this is critically important, as we need to put an end to the over 50% annual road deputy turnover rate Cass County has suffered in recent years.  That level of turnover is extraordinarily costly and greatly hinders the effectiveness and overall competence of the department.  Because of the excessive road deputy turnover within the Cass County Sheriff’s Office, year after year each new hire requires expensive training.  Year after year, each additional loss of an experienced, trained road deputy means that the department starts all over again on the "learning curve".  But it does not have to happen!  Common sense suggests that people do not leave their employment in such excessive numbers if their superiors treat them with fairness, respect and dignity.  If you want your new Sheriff to run a no nonsense tight ship, yet treat his people with fairness, respect and dignity, then I believe Bob Sorenson is your man.  I encourage you to vote Bob Sorenson for Cass County Sheriff!  


Steven D. Sunde

Deputy Cass County Attorney, Retired

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