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My name is Nick Greiner and I have been a certified law enforcement officer in the State of Nebraska since 2010.  In that time, I have had the opportunity to serve in multiple law enforcement agencies, including the Cass County Sheriff's Office from 2010-2013.  Currently, I am employed by a metro law enforcement agency and hold the rank of sergeant.  In my time at CCSO, I had the pleasure of working alongside Officer Robert Sorenson of the Plattsmouth Police Department.  For as long as I've known him, Mr. Sorenson has displayed complete professionalism and class.  As a young deputy, I learned a lot of valuable lessons from watching him and others around me.  The most important lesson I learned from him was how to treat everyone I talk to with dignity and respect.  I also quickly realized how knowledgeable he was about the job.  I was always able to come to him with questions, and he was able to help me solve my problems while teaching me at the same time.  It was obvious to me that he was a leader at his department and those around him were fortunate to have him.


Recently, I have learned that Robert is interested in serving Cass County as its next Sheriff.  When I learned this, I was ecstatic for the men and women in that agency and the taxpayers in Cass County.  In my mind, Robert is the perfect candidate to lead that agency into the future.  Law enforcement is changing rapidly and the people we serve are demanding kind, compassionate, strong, knowledgeable leaders like Robert Sorenson.  I would highly recommend him for the position of Cass County Sheriff; you will not be disappointed.


Nick Greiner

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