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          As a small business owner, active member of GOP, and 25 year resident of Cass County, I have fully vetted Robert Sorenson on questions about the role of Sheriff and the freedoms of the people and he has my endorsement.

          After exhaustive discussions regarding the freedoms of the people, red flag laws, and 2nd amendment issues, Robert has demonstrated he is flawlessly for the people.  He understands the importance of representing the people of Cass County.  Robert is a constitutionalist and recognizes our freedoms come from God and not from government.  Robert will be tough on the bad guys, protect the innocent, and has the wisdom to know the difference between the two; not as a judge, of course, but as law enforcement.

          Robert certainly has the experience to lead our county sheriff’s department in the right direction.  His plans make sense and are easy to implement without major tax burdens.  He will use simple logical steps that include using technology, collaboration between law enforcement, and enhanced training to prepare the future personnel in law enforcement.  Now, more than ever, we need a citizen advocate in law enforcement and Robert is that candidate.

          Robert Sorenson is involved in the community and loves the people he serves, which is the prime directive for any elected official.

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