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As a former employee of Cass County and a former co-worker to Robert, I believe that he would be the best fit for the position. His integrity, honesty and values are exactly what Cass County needs in a Sheriff. Robert is always willing to go above and beyond and listens to what the people of our communities need. He will bring a much needed, and long overdue change to Cass County. Not only will his changes benefit the citizens of Cass County but will also benefit and make our Sheriff's department safer, and a place that people want to stay and work at. Nothing is more important than ensuring that our Deputies are able to go home to their families at night and that our citizens in the County have help when it is needed. 


Robert is one of the least selfish people that I know and always puts his co-workers, family and friends ahead of himself. These are all values that are needed in such an important role as Sheriff. His professionalism, drive and ambition have been nothing but excellent even in the most trying of times with the current administration. He continues to move ahead with his campaign, even when others are against him or have created numerous struggles for him. I wish him the best of luck and highly recommend Robert Sorenson to lead our County forward in the role of Cass County Sheriff.


Staci Kaffenberger


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